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A unique range of Craftsmanship

Thewa Art is a special art of jewellry making which involves embossing of intricately worked-out sheet gold on glass. Thewa Art evolved in Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan (India) about 400 years ago. Our ancestor Nathu Lal Soni was the first goldsmith who initiated this Thewa Art in 1707. It soon caught the fancy of kings and princes and Maharaja Sumant Singh patronized Thewa Art in 1751 and granted a jagir to the family of Nathu Lal Soni conferring the title of Rajsoni on him The Thewa Emporium was established in the year 1731. We are supplier, manufacturer and retailer of Thewa Diamond Jewellery, Thewa Minakari Jewellery, Antique Thewa Jewellery, Thewa Pendant Set, Traditional Thewa Set, Thewa Necklace Set, Thewa Boxes, Thewa Plates etc. Our products are widely appreciated for antique designs, impeccable quality and competitive prices. Our intricate designs and pattern has hit the national fashion market. Our focus on timely delivery of optimum quality products at most competitive prices has earned us an enviable position in the market. We are a team of world-class designers and craftsmen having a flair for contemporary and innovative designs. Thewa art was started by my family of India from Pratapgarh, a new district of Rajasthan, Rajsoni's brings elegant Thewa Jewellery ornamented, which adds exotic flavor of creative imagination with colored gems, spreading the fragrance of distinct poetry in each design. Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23 K Gold with multi colored glass. The glass is treated by a special process to have glittering effects which in turn highlights the intricate gold work. The whole Thewa piece is hand crafted over a period of one month by skilled artisans We believe in performance with commitment, coupled with honesty integrity and business ethics that build strong and lasting relationships with clients. Toe with the lines, our range is made with a distinct dentity and developed to suit individual bu tastes. Available in any possible combination of color innovative looks, latest styles, our products are designed and manufactured a per quality standards Further, our entire range of products is highly demanded by our valued ents due to its exclusive designs ean finish, long lasting shine, cost effectiveness, and also available in latest patterns, sizes, designs, and styles

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art The Thewa art originated in Pratapgarh (Rajasthan) about 400 years ago, our ancestor Nathu Lal soni was the first goldsmith who initiated this art in 17o7. It soon caught the fancy of kings and princes and Maharaja Sumant Singh patronized this art in 1765 and granted a jagir to the family of Nathu Lal soni and conferred the title of Rajs on him. The secrets of the craft that passed directly from father to son over the generations remains it in this family only, called Raj Sonis. This craft flourished especially during the victorian times when a number of pieces set in gold were sold to British women who lived here or visited India. These pieces were taken to Europe as souvenirs. Somehow they found their way to the British antique market and the work was recognized by European jewelery historians for its distinction. Some pieces about 250 years old can still be seen in the collection of Queen Elizabeth(London museum) In the last century Thewa unit makers prepared elaborate settings in gold wire in the Canetille style, so called after a contemporary European style. In the days of royal patronage our family Rajsoni seeks to enhance the art and not just to India but also proud to Rajasthan Pratapgarh or made and unique identity. To encourage this exquisite and unique art form the Government of India issued a postage stamp in the year 2004. To add to its laurels the art also won nine National Awards since 1966. Thewa jewellery has been appreciated around the world for the fine work. We are in Limca Book of World Records 2011 pride. (Only one family has 9 national awards) Thewa art is amazing, The Patterned metal sheet is pure 23 carat gold To creat the pierced work design, several blank foil sheets somewhat longer than the final result are fixed side by side one after the other on a working surface-a board covered with a layer of Lac The Lac is warmed and the metal is pressed

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